DCR future

1.  Be part of history
The first ever vote begins soon. Join other Decred holders in voting for developers to begin work on Lightning Network integration! voting.decred.org.

2.  Make more Decred
The more Decred you have the more tickets you can buy. As reward for staking you currently receive around 1.5 DCR/ticket! Decred Stakepools

3.  Join the global Decred community
Be part of the best community in crypto. Follow @decredproject on twitter. Learn, trade, or start a project in slack.decred.org and telegram.me/Decred. Catch a live episode of The Decred Assembly, Sundays 6pm EST on Youtube.

4.  Grab a bargain
Decred is cheap! Despite being the best performing cryptocurrency of 2017 so far, it still has a low marketcap. Wouldn’t you have loved to buy some more Bitcoin when it was only $15? Coinmarketcap.com.

5.  Project Charybidis

6.  Use it to buy stuff
You can use your Decred to shop online with thousands of retailers using Coinpayments.net!

7.  Be an early adopter
This is only the beginning for Decred. With an exciting roadmap that includes a cool new wallet on Exodus, Lightning Network integration and privacy enhancement, we are only just getting started! Decred Roadmap

8.  Puzzles
With prizes of up to 500 DCR why not work with the community to try solve one of the Decreds famous puzzles by @coin_artist, @Zd3N and @dhtenshi in the #puzzles slack channel.

 9.  Buy yourself more voting power in the Decred DAO
Development funds will soon be managed by the Decred stake-holder directed Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). Holders will be able to vote to decide how funds are spent on the future advancement of Decred! Decred DAO

10.  Decentralize your finances
The Decred Project set out to “rethink digital currency”, that started with solving the existing governance issue seen in Bitcoin. If you really want to move your money into something that no central authority can control then Decred is digital currency for you! decred.org

For further details on how to buy and stake Decred visit the developer site decred.org or the Decred community site decredible.com!

M. K.


2 thoughts on “10 reasons to buy Decred right now!

  1. Hey there, you are linking to https://decredible.com/ but that doesn’t work. Instead, you can link to http://decredible.com/ this works like a charm. Have a great day!


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