I propose it’s DCRTIME!

As most of you know, Decred astronauts have recently successfully landed on the Moon. The landing coincided with the release of the first ever on-chain user activated hard fork (UAHF) voting system, and the subsequent vote in favor of bringing the Lightning Network to Decred. However…we are not stopping at the moon! The Decred team always strives for constant improvement and progression through the development and integration of new and innovative technologies. In preparation for any unexpected warping of space-time while traveling at light speeds during the next phase of our journey, new enhancements are being added to the Decred rocket!

As set out on the 2017 roadmap, Decred will soon launch the proposal system, in an effort to allow users even greater participation in the governance of Decred. The proposal system will enable stakeholders to put forward their ideas to be considered for inclusion in the next voting agenda – a further step towards Decred becoming a fully functioning stakeholder-directed Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

Today, Decred developers have announced the details for the first part of this proposal system, dcrtime a blockchain-based timestamping service! Dcrtime is a result of collaboration between Decred developers; Marco Peereboom, Jake Yocom-Piatt and Dave Collins, and is born from the desire to achieve maximum accountability and transparency throughout Decred’s governance system. The service draws upon the excellent work of Peter Todd, who launched opentimestamp earlier this year.

The implementation of dcrtime means that all proposals made by Decred stakeholders will be timestamped on the Decred blockchain. In turn this will enable stakeholders to submit their proposal for consideration safe in the knowledge that should it be removed or censored, dcrtime will provide them with proof of censorship.

However, the good news doesn’t stop here! In addition, anyone will be able to make use of the free public time stamping service provided via dcrtime, for a range of purposes! Dcrtime will run hourly, on the hour.

Decred believes that the voice of its users really matters, and as such it will always be heard. With the introduction of the proposal system and dcrtime that voice will be forged into the Decred blockchain, forever. Make your voice heard – join us!

For further details please see the official Decred announcement here, and to join in with the discussion please visit the Decred Forum or Slack!