dcr dancing on the moon.jpg

As most people know, last month Coindesk reported Decred as the best performing cryptocurrency so far in 2017 (see the article here). In recognition of this success one of Decreds astronauts decided to perform a celebration dance on the moon – at Coindesks Consensus event in New York, the biggest blockchain event of the year! See the video here.


However… the Decred community has bigger ambitions – why stop at the moon? Decred is a pioneer, therefore it’s been decided that this is only a temporary stop to refuel. Decred Moon Fuel was consumed and handed out at Consensus to anyone interested in boarding the Decred rocket. The holders of Decred have decided we are now going to push on to new realms with interplanetary exploration at LIGHTspeed! Voting for Lightning Network integration work to begin is now underway, with over 98% voting in favour! For up to date stats on the vote click here.

moon fuel.jpg

The Bitcoin scaling debate has been a hot topic at Consensus (see the debate here). It is clear that the biggest risk to Bitcoin currently is its lack of decentralized governance to enable the community to resolve the scaling issue and move forward. It was recognized by some speakers at the event that Bitcoin only has “internal governance”… With talk of a hard fork in September it seems governance will be high on the agenda again.

So, now is the time, if you want to climb aboard the Decred rocket – join us!


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