decred wants you

Decred is quickly becoming a thriving open-source community. With the current voting agenda for ‘Lightning Network integration work to begin’ now over 50% complete, developers are already starting to discuss ideas for the other improved features scheduled to be implemented on the Decred Network later this year (see roadmap for details).

Funding has been secured for development work in the areas of privacy enhancement and smart contracts. If you have coding experience in these areas please contact @raedah on the #privacy and #smart_contracts channels on Decred Slack to find out how you can get involved.

Decreds unique on-chain voting system will allow stakeholders to decide on implementing the best privacy and smart contract technology available on the Decred network. Remember – we are pioneers. We are looking for people who can think big, think out of the box – think, outer space!

So, if you think you’ve got skills to work in these areas, and you believe you can add value to the Decred project then why not join the other Decred astronauts on-board the Decred rocket!


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